Is this really happening to my new laptop?

Posted on May 14, 2015 in Life

So here I am all excited about my new laptop, and what do you know, it starts acting up! After going to the store and buying (what I hoped would be) a great, new laptop, it was working wonderfully… for a brief period of time.

I hardly even had a chance to install any of the extras that came with it and it started being weird and giving me popups. Those are crazily (that’s a word, right?) annoying! Some of the messages I was seeing were innocent looking, but some were downright nasty. Some claimed that specific files (I think it was dwm.exe or spoolsv.exe) were already damaged or that the system couldn’t access them. I did some research on Microsoft about computer viruses and found some interesting stuff. The first thing I learned was that these errors themselves, may not be viruses. In fact, a lot of popups or errors aren’t viruses. I was always so quick to assume that anytime something I wasn’t expecting to happen, happened, I thought my PC was infected. Not the case (happily for me!).

Plus, I don’t think I had all my system updates ready to go just yet, even though I just bought the computer. I guess they release fixes for bugs every so often and that may have caused it. Regardless, here is what I found about the dwm and spoolsv files.

The dwm process is associated with being able to use different windows on your computer. It stands for the Desktop Window Manager (that’s why it’s called DWM). Anyways, I saw that some websites have info about the dwm.exe virus or a free scan. I used it and checked out what was going on. Nothing major, and my computer continued working as I had hoped (for now).

After diving just a bit further, I also saw this video that I think is super helpful for anyone getting these types of messages:

What I gathered from the video is that the notifications themselves are sometimes just to inform you that the file is missing or damaged (not necessarily a virus). Good news for a lot of you, I’m sure!

The next mishap on my computer was when I was trying to setup my printer. I guess I take it for granted when things work as planned, because this was certainly not the case. Now, I understand a bit about computers and printers. What I know is that printers spool (hence the spoolsv.exe process name) before and during printing. After checking for whether or not I would need a spoolsv.exe download, I saw that the scans I was running (for free) had resolved my problems. Talk about taking a turn for the better!

I know it’s frustrating for you, especially if you get stuff like this – I can only imagine the stresses people have who encounter these errors and frustrations on a regular basis. I don’t know what I would do if I lost everything on my computer (if I had more than solitaire installed, that is).

Anyways, my plan with my blog is to inform you (all 3 of you who read it) about what’s happening in my life. It might not always be exciting or eventful, but it will be entertaining (I hope)!

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